About us

Running a bicycle store was definitely not written in the stars. It is a late calling. I was looking for another way to fill my professional life: small-scale, useful, and concrete.

As a frequent cyclist (together with the kids), both in the city and abroad, the idea to do ‘something with bicycles’ started gradually to grow. Once everything was worked out it was not that hard to say goodbye to the ‘air-conditioning’, the ‘meetings’ and the ‘targets’. After several years of retraining, including apprenticeships, the time was ripe.

In October 2015 Velonaut opened its doors, close to the Atomium. Meanwhile, I’m not the only one working in the shop. The workshop now counts two staff members.

The three of us cycles through Brussels on a daily basis. Each of us loves long bicycle tours, be it alone or with the family. To put it another way: the orientation of the shop is not a coincidence.

Tom, manager and founder of Velonaut

Our philosophy

Velonaut is a cycle shop situated in the proximity of the Atomium. We chose for a well-defined product and service offer:

We focus on the urban cyclist as well as the bicycle tourer/traveler.

When selecting our partners, we value quality and customisation.

Our bikes need to last in the Brussels urban jungle. Also, for the long-distance tourer reliability is key. A good value bicycle is reliable, will last longer and is therefore more sustainable.

Each cyclist deserves a bicycle that fits him or her perfectly. Hence, we want our partners to offer personalization.

We prefer to cooperate with European manufacturers who chose to organize their assembly process within Europe.

Velonaut stands for a thorough service in the workshop. A well serviced bicycle will be more reliable and give you much more joy. If you want to call on our workshop services, please read beforehand the rules applicable in it.