Our bicycles

We focus on the daily cyclist in and around the city, as well as on long distance tourers. At Velonaut we will help you to determine and customize the perfect bicycle for you.

To maximize cycle pleasure, it is indeed important that your bicycle fits well your cycle needs, your body measures and finally your personality.

Our brand portfolio (bikes) reflects this tailor-made approach. Each brand allows you to configure the bicycle that suits you best.

We will help you translate your needs/requirements into an appropriate bicycle for you. Hence, we prefer to work via appointment. We foresee a timeslot of one hour.

Our cargo bikes

If you consider buying a cargo bike, be it electrical or not, it is important to determine your needs.

We will help you determine the appropriate cargo solution for you. We will assess your family composition (if you’re looking for kid’s transport), the average size/weight to transport (if you’re looking to transport goods), your parking options, etc.

Preferably we do this by appointment. We foresee a timeslot of one hour.

We offer a large scale of solutions: cargo bikes, long tail and trailers

Our offers

A limited budget, but you don’t want to compromise on quality? These quality second-hand bicycles certainly deserve your attention.

E-bike Norta

Model B4000 – Heren/Homme 60cm – zwart/noir – Bosch Active line plus – 500Wh Enviolo N330 Magura HS11 – Bouwjaar 2018 – (nieuwprijs € 2815,-)

€ 1970,-