‘Prevention is always better than cure’
a golden rule also applicable for your bicycle.


Maintenance and repair are by appointment only:

The day we agree on is the day we work on your bicycle.

Bring us your bike before the day of the appointment. Please inform us if you can’t make it.

You will be informed when your bike is ready. For a Cargo bike, we ask you to pick it up within 2 business days. For other bikes please collect them within 5 business days.

You can bring us or pick up a bicycle on following time slots

  • During the opening hours of the showroom
  • Tue-Fri: in the morning from 8h30 until 9h15

Which bicycles

We maintain/repair city, trekking, and cargo bikes, both electric and non-electric. For your race or MT Bike, we can provide you with the addresses of other cycle shops.

We follow the following e-bike systems: Bosch, Shimano, Neondrive, and Pendix. On bicycles equipped with different systems, we limit ourselves to a review of the classical mechanical parts.

Be aware: we prioritize the bicycle brands of the shop. Implying we reserve 70% of the workshop’s agenda for our brands. The remaining 30% is open for other bicycles as described above.

We reserve the right to refuse a bicycle:

  • When the bicycle is too dirty.
  • If we suspect it concerns a stolen bike.
  • When it concerns an antique bicycle or a bicycle of low-end quality.

What can you expect

During maintenance, we check the entire bicycle.

  • All vital parts will be inspected, cleaned, if necessary repaired, and greased again.
  • The time spent on the maintenance will be charged.
  • In the selection of our spare parts, we apply strict quality standards.

For a repair we apply the following principles:

  • The time spent on the repair will be charged.
  • If the state of certain other parts can endanger the cyclist we will repair these as well. Even if these parts were not included in the initial request.
  • In the selection of our spare parts, we apply strict quality standards.

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Attention: we do not repair sports bikes (race/mountain bikes)