Short cycling trip with the Brompton

Easter holidays, finally a few days to go out. The store remains open, so Tom can’t come along. But it’s spring, the days are getting longer and the desire for a small cycling trip is too great, so I go out on my own. I plan a cycling trip of a few days to the flower bulb region in the Netherlands.

I don’t want the stress that the combination bike + train usually entails, and so I decide to go by Brompton. Track change two minutes before departure? No problem, you can lift the bike with one hand…

With the Brompton across the flower fields

We already had a front T-bag from Brompton. Although it can hold a lot (30l), but for a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, clothing, cooking gear… Not nearly enough. So, I put the rest in a regular touring backpack (30l). It’s practical in the station and on the train, but cycling with a backpack is far from ideal.

Therefore, I mounted a plastic tube underneath the saddle with a piece of inner tube. I slid the shoulder straps behind the tube and attached the bottom of the backpack to the luggage rack with tensioners. The hip belt and chest strap went around the seat tube.

I got the inspiration for this from the Brompton Traveler (here you will find many more useful tips for traveling with a Brompton!). I had some doubts beforehand, but the whole set-up turned out to be surprisingly stable. The typical ‘nervous’ handling of a Brompton disappears when the bike is loaded in the front and rear.

Of course, it is recommendable not to take the Brompton for longer distances, but I had come to enjoy the scenery, and so the pace of the bike was ideal for me. The beautiful, smooth cycle paths in the Netherlands are also very suitable to explore with a Brompton.

The first day I cycled 30 km from Amsterdam central to the first campsite. On day 2 I had planned 60 km, but the weather was nice and the surroundings beautiful. So, I extended my bike ride with some extra junctions and eventually cycled 72 km through the colorful flower fields to the second campsite. The last day I drove 35 km through the dunes to The Hague station and took the train back to Brussels.

Conclusion: For short trips on good cycle paths and on flat terrain, this is a very comfortable way to travel. Next time I will mount different grips because I missed the ergonomic handlebar grips of my regular trekking bike. For the rest, I am very satisfied with my setup.

Travelling with the Brompton

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